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Gout is a kind of disease in which body is not capable of handling uric acid. People having gout produce much uric acid or they find difficulties in taking it out from their bodies most of the times. Usually, our bloodstream has made in such a way that it carries small amounts of uric acid. But if the amounts of uric acid rise in the blood, uric acid crystals are deposited in the cartilage and tissue nearby joints.

Causes of Gout

If the body extracts too much uric acid, it causes Gout. When a substance called purines break down, uric acid comes out from the body. Generally purines have been found in all of our body tissues. Sources of purines are dried beans and peas and anchovies. Usually, blood absorbs uric acid. Uric acid passes to the kidneys and then goes out of the body in urine.

As the amount of uric acid increases in the blood, the condition may become more critical. There are some possible reasons to happen.

When the level of uric acid gets increased in the blood, it is called hyperuricemia. It is not necessary that people experiencing hyperuricemia can have gout. But in the condition where excess uric acid crystals build ups in the body, there is a chance to develop gout.

Possible Causes of Gout

The first symptom of gout that you should be noted is the sudden increase of joint. The most common joint is at the base of a big toe, but it could be any joint. Such joints cause pain.

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