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Memory is a precious thing and considered as one of the best gifts from the god. Do you know that human memory is being lost with aging day by day?

Information is stored in our memory are of three types. One is short term memory; other one is a recent memory and the last one is remote memory. You met any individual moments ago remains in short term memory. Likewise what you ate for breakfast stores in recent memory. If we talk about remote memory, it includes memories from years ago for example childhood.

Memory loss starts much earlier in your mid 20s and it continues in the 30s, 40s and later on. From many research, it’s been proven that not only humans but primates and rates are also going through memory loss. That is because of losing brain cells and our body doesn’t produce more chemicals that your brain cells need to be as time goes.

With aging, memory affects the way it stores the information and becomes hard to recollect it. It doesn't affect your short term or remote memory but you may have difficulties to recollect recent flashback. You may forget names of people met recently. That is the normal change and the sign of starting memory loss.

Not only aging affects the memory but other factors are also responsible that includes depression, dementia, brain stroke, Alzheimer and lots more. Amongst all, Alzheimer is very severe disease in which patient may not recollect the memories of recent events and conversions at first. As time goes, the disease affects all parts of the memory.

Memory loss is considered as a serious condition if it affects your day to day life. It’s okay to forget names sometimes. It may be very serious when you get difficulties to do the same thing that you have already done it many times before or trouble in remembering the place where you’ve been. Dementia worst memory from several months to several years.

How Noni helps to get rid of memory loss?

Dementia occurs due to high dietary fats and cholesterol. Noni has many ingredients and Phytosterols is one of them. It helps to slow down the absorption of cholesterol and lowers plasma and LDL cholesterol level. Hence it reduces the cause of dementia. Free radicals are auto generated molecules or chemical species. These all affect the body with high energy output such as the brain. Self defense system of our body protects us from harmful effects of free radicals with antioxidants. Noni is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals.

In cerebrovascualar disease, it reduces the flow of blood to the brain and causes the stroke. Due to this, nerve cells in the brain may be lost prematurely and LDL cholesterol develops which cause dementia and other similar diseases. Noni lowers the absorption of LDL cholesterol and thus help out to get rid of memory loss.

Stress is one of the causes of memory loss. Noni helps to increase the level of serotonin in blood and reduces the stressful condition. Stress can be reduced with sound sleep and noni helps to get it for you.

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