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In general, we think both fatigue and weakness are same in meaning but they have different in medicine.

Fatigue comes in the picture due to lack of energy. We can see it in the form of tiredness. People can experience it when they have a viral infection or feeling with anxiety, stress or tension. It may cause due to the verities of illnesses. Having chronic fatigue is common in one of the four adults but chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is exceptional. Causes of CFS are chronic viral infections, weak immune system, chemical sensitivity, oxidative stress, multiple nutrient deficiencies, extreme physical or mental stress and lots more.

If we talk about weakness, it comes due to lack of strength. It is actually one of the serious conditions compared with fatigue. It may be confined to the particular part of the body. Generally it occurs due to a problem in the muscular or nervous system.

What Noni does to get rid of Fatigue and Weakness?

Noni has all in one solution for all kinds of diseases. In multiple nutrient deficiencies, Noni fulfills essential nutrients that our body needs to be as it contains more than 150+ vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B complex, C, E, amino acids and lots more. It is a complete health drink and rich in essential nutrients that our body doesn’t get in the daily diet.

It also helps to get relieve from cellular stress, mental stress, and muscle contraction. Noni Juice is extremely rich in antioxidants as it helps to prevent the destruction of the cells. When we are in stress, our body extracts stress hormones like cortisol, corticosteroids and other internal steroids. Because of this immune system secretes proinflammatory immune factor (IL-6) and IL-6 worsens the immune system. As a result of this, proinflammatory immune factor pulls calcium from the bones into the arteries and causes arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. As we discussed earlier, Noni juice has over 150 nutrients including calcium. It allows the body to respond more positively to the hormones and other likewise substances releases during stress.

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"NONI is not a Medicine"