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Today, we discuss about the most common health problem that is nothing but chronic cough. If you have cough for more than 3 weeks, it is called as chronic cough. In medical term chronic means somewhat that lasts for a long time. It is a common issue, even though it should not be ignored.

Types of Coughs

More common causes of chronic cough

Less common causes of chronic cough

How to prevent getting Chronic Cough?

Almost all health problems, encounter due to the free radicals and oxidative stress produced in the body. Dave’s Noni Juice has full of antioxidants which fight against these harmful elements. During infection, the immune system generates inflammatory cytokines and free radicals. Due to this, oxidative stress is produced which raises inflammation already present. Noni juice has strong antioxidant property which includes all the essential nutrition and phytochemicals.

Vitamin C presents in the noni has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory property to heal the diseases like bronchi and other viral infections. Vitamin E maintains the functionality of the immune system. Hence, powerful immune system combats harmful elements and reduces the chances of chronic cough to occur.

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