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After reading so many blogs about noni and noni juice, you all know that noni is something that is related to the human health. Today we will discuss more about what noni does when we take it. Let’s get a body tour of noni starting from the mouth.

Mouth: Noni contains Proxeronine. When you drink noni, the ingredient within it helps to reduce gum inflammation and keep away from infected teeth.

Stomach: When you drink noni, it effects in the gastrointestinal. It makes better digestive enzymes, strengthens digestion and assimilation. It helps to get more nutrients from our diet. It has found useful to treat ulcers and decreases parasites. It regenerates cell membrane in the intestines, which helps to separate out waste contents of the food passing into the blood i.e. bacteria and other harmful wastes. Hence the functionality of the liver doesn’t disturb.

Liver: After mouth and stomach, noni passes into the liver. The liver acts as the metabolic powerhouse with set of enzymes. Its role is to examine everything that has been absorbed from the intestines. Liver decides what to do next with absorbed things either it allows going on or wiping out or leaving it for the kidneys to eliminate. This contains chemicals, toxins, medications etc. It helps to clean the blood by boosting enzymes, maintains blood sugar and minimizes hypoglycemia.

Blood Circulation: After liver, noni passes into the blood. Now we have to jump into the immune system and trying to know how noni deals with it. The functionality of the immune system depends on many different enzymes and complicated cellular communications. Noni helps to increase the usefulness of enzymes and boosts up cellular communications. Due to that, the immune system protects us from various infections, allergies and inflammation.

Heart: Now let’s move towards the heart. Noni is rich in vitamins and minerals. The magnesium in the noni helps heart cells to regulate the functionality of heart. Not only that, but it also helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol.

Lungs: Noni helps to keep away infections like bronchitis. It improves the cellular structure of bronchioles. It also helps to throw away allergy and inflammation, which are the root causes of asthma.

Head: Noni directly helps to boost brain cells, which make impacts on thinking and moods stable. Furthermore, it enhances the secretion of serotonin which is known as feel good hormone. It reduces stress, depression and helps to get better sleep. It is effective in headaches and migraines.

Urinary System: Noni plays a role in the post menstrual syndrome. It works well in regular, heavy or painful periods. It has found important for the people go to the bathroom often at night and people with prostate cancer and bladder infections.

Muscles and bones: Noni helps to get relief from all types of arthritis, lumbar disc diseases, muscle spasm and cervical disc diseases. It also helps in sprains, bruises and fracture.

Endocrine system: Noni has found to be helpful in many types of hormonal imbalances. It helps in hernia too.

Type I & II diabetes: It causes due to the number of B-cells of the pancreas are destroyed which are responsible to produce insulin. Noni helps to increase the immunity power by synergistic action at the cellular level and sort out insulates condition of the pancreas. Thus, it helps to prevent destruction of B-cells and produce more insulin. It helps to prevent type I diabetes. In the case of type II diabetes, receptors turn into the non functioning state. Noni helps to get back into the active state and receptors works well again. In consequence of that body becomes capable of regulating sugar and prevents from blindness, kidney diseases, heart attack and numbness feet. It also helps to boost the functionality of the pancreas and the immune system.

Adrenal Glands: These are known as stress glands. You can find two types of stress named as Psychological stress and Physical stress. Psychological stress is something that is related to the money, relationship etc and Physical stress is related to the sleep, infection, injuries etc. Stress is very much affects the functionality of the body. It causes hormone imbalances in the body. Noni helps to recover digestion power, function of immune system and balances the hormones. Hence it helps out individuals to deal with the stress.

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"NONI is not a Medicine"