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  • After reading so many blogs about noni and noni juice, you all know that noni is something that is related to the human health. Today we will discuss more about what noni does when we take it. Let’s get a body tour of noni starting from the mouth. Mouth: Noni contains Proxeronine. When you drink noni, the ingredient within it helps to reduce gum inflammation and keep away from infected teeth. ...

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  • Today, we discuss about the most common health problem that is nothing but chronic cough. If you have cough for more than 3 weeks, it is called as chronic cough. In medical term chronic means somewhat that lasts for a long time. It is a common issue, even though it should not be ignored. Types of Coughs Dry Cough that irritates throat and lungs but doesn’t produce any mucus. Wet Cough is ca...

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  • In this blog, we’re going to discuss about low blood pressure and how Noni juice helps to keep it normal. At first, what blood pressure is? Blood Pressure is the pressure of blood into the arteries of the body. Blood is circulated throughout the body from the arteries (where the pressure is high) to organs and into the veins (where the pressure is low). It is produced by pumping of the blood by ...

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"NONI is not a Medicine"

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