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Mr. Maulik V Dave is a first generation entrepreneur. He is founder chairman of Dave's Group of Companies. He is a catalytic force dedicated to dynamic business growth through satisfying client’s requirements. He has vast experience over 15 years in the Industry in India and overseas and widely travelled to most of the part of the world is a great visionary. Time to time his achievements has been acknowledged at State and National levels. Some of the awards and recognition bestowed on him are:

Awarded the prestigious ‘Udyog Ratna Award’ from “Institute Of Economics Studies” New Delhi for Innovation & Management in the financial year 2005‐06


Awarded ‘Global Business Achievement Award’ by Indian Economic Development& research Association, New Delhi on 1st March 2007.

Global-Business-Achievement-Award-1 Global-Business-Achievement-Award-2

In the year 2008‐09 bestowed the prestigious ‘Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award’ by “Indian Organization for Business Research & Development” New Delhi in recognition of sterling merits, excellent performance and outstanding contribution for the progress of the nation.


Recently On 14th April 2012 awarded prestigious Gujarat Innovation society “Trend Setter “Award ‐2012 for manufacturing practices.


Awarded “Gujarat SME Excellence award‐2012 ‐Manufacturing sector” for its manufacturing practices on 17th April 2012.



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