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Dave’s NONI & Juice Pvt. Ltd., a unit of giant Dave's Group of Companies is manufacturer and exporter of healthy noni juice all across the globe. The company is on expansion plan; previously we were working in the wholesale market, now we have launched our marketing ethics for local and global retail sales of NONI wellness Juice drink. We provide excellent and quality service to our individual clients.

Dave's Group is promoted by our CMD, Mr. Maulik Dave, had worked in the industry for more than 14 years. He is committed to taking the benefits of Noni Juice and other health products to the world. Our fully automated plant is located near Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Our staff assists where we can in sharing agricultural protocols to ensure clean, safe fruit for our processing operations and customer satisfaction. We always build a relationship with the customer with trust and quality commitment.

We are committed to providing the purest and most potent noni juice in the world. We can guarantee the quality and potency of our product, 100% additive free with no preservatives, no colours, no water, no sugar, no fruit juice or other flavors added. It is NOT made from puree, pulp, or concentrate. But made from fresh, hand-picked, fully ripe, naturally grown noni fruit.

We are preserving the ancient traditional Hawaiian methods for producing the richest and most potent Hawaiian 100% pure noni juice. We use only the highest quality fully-ripe noni fruits that are carefully handpicked and then fermented for several weeks allowing the noni juice to naturally seep from the fruit.

We are very proud to offer you such a wonderful product and invite you to experience the amazing results that millions of people around the world have found with it.

Our Vision

To create healthy and wealthy humanity and happy human being with no none left out.

Our Mission

Combine traditional Noni healing with state of the art scientific research to make it available to the world and to continue to establish High technology processing capabilities.

To be recognized as the producer of the highest quality Noni juice in the world.

“Healthy People, Healthy World’’

Our Goals

100% Natural and Pure Noni Juice available at a reasonable cost throughout the world.

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"NONI is not a Medicine"